Double-edged Sword-Fishsticks and Col. Mustard

Whatever I didn’t learn from my Mom, I probably picked up from watching Dr. Who, or maybe from my Dad (although I’m certain there must be more people).

The simple solution is NOT always (and almost never) the easy solution.

Mom says, “Put in a little elbow grease.”

Jesus said, “Every place is in walking distance if you take the time.” {I’m paraphrasing, which should be obvious because nothing was written down as it occurred.}

These sound exactly like what they are, “sayings“- a simplified way of stating something that can be easily remembered so it is repeated often. Most people respect simplicity because they do not want anything more on their mental spinning plate.

But, as is often the case as time passes, people forget. No, not the saying, they remember the words, and the concept, if not the exact quote. The meaning or translation is forgotten, even by those who may use it the most.

They say the words, thinking they understand what message they project, but do not follow through to make sure the connection was made [properly]. You applaud yourself for the effort, because hey, “At least you tried.” Right?

Well, no. More damage may have been created on top of your intention not being clearly communicated. The end result is not just nil, but it has turned negative. Now more connections must be made in an effort to restore the original intention to a vibrant connection.

Mostly, the connections already exist. The groundwork had been laid and continues to circulates around like a ball of twine as time continues. When we notice a connection with someone or something, we work to keep “in tune” with this energy.

Like magnets, gravity is an unseeable force. We are only aware of it because of its effect on our environment. So we set the parameters for how physics are[is] defined [work] and exist within this bubble. If a person [being] is sensitive enough to “tap in” to a separate force of gravity that does NOT work on the physical plane, then it is only a select few who can be aware it exists.

When these “human needles” become aware of this force, they will start to examine the effects it has. While everything is occurring in a non-physical dimension, it still may have effects on the physical environment because the energy body and the physical body share the same realm [skin]. When you can start earlier in life, to detect non-physical force, you begin to analyze the effect it may be having to consciousness.

These effects on consciousness may result in obstacles of the physical world, in the body, like illness, or erratic social/emotional behavior. This may then lead to more dangerous risks in the physical world with interaction between conscious beings, resulting in violence or destruction. Not only between people, but between the people and their environment.



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