Fear is the distorted vision of LOVE

As humans, we experience things, (some more than others), and the receptors or channels we employ to collect the data [employed by our experience] are the 5 senses.

Except, technically there are more than meets the eye, which is to say, the ones we do not discuss when taught in school about the human senses.

Sight – Vision

Sound – Auditory

Touch (feel) – Tactile

Smell – Olfactory

Taste – Gustatory

But there are a couple more, or more specifically sub-sets of the original sense. Proprioceptive sense (body position/space) in the dermis & Vestibular sense (motion/time) located in the inner ear.

We use these receptors to sense information from our environment. The atmosphere which surrounds us is the most potently effecting us, deeply, on many levels. We must understand our weakness in order to strengthen it into an otherwise state of balance.

When we sense this, we immediately start to integrate the new data with our existing self. This is where the brain steps in, as commander, to organize and file things appropriately to support daily life functions. (J. Piaget) This is a process [schema], a translation from the physical body to the mind, sometimes they fail to connect the proper dots together.

The cause for this may not be as important as the identification and treatment of a resulting behavioral disorder. This could be a serious impairment to an otherwise functioning person. We process information to form our perspective, our individual view of a snap-shot in time, over time, and throughout our life’s journey.

If we scramble the data before it can be properly analyzed, how will we function? To put it simply (remember this), we respond abnormally. What does this mean? As a child, you may be considered a little “extra” special and thus enlist the services of a team of childhood development therapists to design a specialized education program tailored to you specifically. When this happens early enough, the child flourishes, mostly to everyone’s amazement.

Sometimes, we see the symptoms differently, the child is most likely diagnosed with a serious psychiatric illness, require medication, and develop a stigma about themselves for being “extra” special. Maybe these kids are so exhausted from the constant mis-communication and perceived lack of effort by their counter-parts, that they simply give up and turn inward.

This will result in mal behavior and most likely lead to more risky issues like, drug addiction and possible criminal involvement. When you are made to feel like an outcast, why should they be surprised when you turn into a deviant or delinquent?

Yes, the system isn’t perfect – but also neither are the ones employed by it – or those who might benefit from it. What should happen more between these parties is formal discussion. To address the issues and find resolutions without getting lost in the problems. Not every problem will have a solution today.

But, there IS always tomorrow.



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