Hello world!

So, I always said I would do this, and haven’t ever gotten around to it.

Well, I have gotten around to it, but I wrote it on paper, 8 or 9 years ago.  It might be around here somewhere.  I’ll check later. (Sometime before I die, that is.)

I may have the file saved on a hard or thumb drive.  Ever wonder why there is no hammer for the thumbnail?  Because it means finger nail, not carpentry.

Well, everyone had better get used to this bizarre form of self-declared literary genius.

Some people read {write} from left to right, then top to bottom.

Others [read] right to left, then back to front.

And there are even still those who simply go from top to bottom, then left to right.

(I think there must be some culture I’ve studied that goes bottom to top, then right to left.)

Of course, one of the greatest ever LeoDaVinci, employed the elaborate mirror-writing.  Shakespeare had Iambic Pentameter.

Yoda had reverse syntax.  Wait, ok scratch that last one.  Well maybe the last couple.  I’ll let VSauce explain this very well for me: Why is a bird in the hand worth more than 2 in the bush?

Getting back to the point, (we’ll be saying/hearing writing/reading this a lot), this is it – the beginning of the end, and ending at the start.  A life lived in reverse, lessons from the past are brought into the future where they can finally be understood in a better light.

When you encounter something very early in life, that shakes you up violently, you remember it even though it doesn’t make sense to you.  This becomes your FEAR. (Scientology has really good explanations of what I am describing – but how is it NOT a cult?  Too wacky, even for ME).

When you are truly scared these emotions vibrate throughout your being.  Your nerves become like the vinyl of a record, waiting for the horrific needle to permanently cut, and thus imprint this debilitating fear into every fiber of your being.

Years pass and the physical memory leaves the mind, but the body will always remember.  Sub-consciously you do not forget either, you just become proficient at distracting yourself from the truth.


verbal Feng-shui can lead to mental/emotional/physical harmony.


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