My Mama said…

“If you haven’t found it, then you must not be looking hard enough.”

Words can be terribly confusing to a child.  We use the same ones to mean different things (depending on context).  A young child may be able to use the same vocabulary, identifying words with their assimilated meaning [as far as they know], but be completely baffled as to the precise point you intended to send.

Kids do not have the patience, or the underlying knowledge to understand the complexity of an entire dissertation of what moral you are trying to instill.  What children appreciate, and thus respond to, is subliminal messaging of the moral.  Walt Disney is a master of this in their movies.

Brilliant illustration, musical score, climatic adventures, unforgettable characters….everyone has a favorite Disney *insert word here*, or a least favorite.  Most people are bound to hold an opinion either way.  The child responds to this because you approach them on their terms, while concurrently at their level.

Cartoons – (check)

Excitement – (check)

Color & sound – (check)

Then before you understand what is happening, the kids have grown attached to some element that enables them to [some what] pay attention throughout the entire 90 minute duration.  The ending always culminates in a valuable moral learned by all, usually at the expense of the main character(s) “mistake” or “misfortune”.

As always there is a happy ending, and you do not need cash for a tip.


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