Butter Flies across your windshield

Butter Flies across your windshield

Let’s say your vehicle is your physical body, the guides (mirrors, road, signs, etc.)  are your senses.  When combined with your mind [energy body] your perception is formed within [your] perspective.  As you continue travelling, the environment is constantly shifting as new elements are introduced and older ones diminish.  Additionally, there are other vehicles travelling aside at different speed and maneuverability.  You have limited options for communication with these others, and when you can connect, there is no telling if you will understand one another.

That’s why it is important to identify the ones you can connect with, on the outside, to provide an alternative to supplement whatever internal mechanism (under your own control) isn’t functioning.  As you travel, the vehicle experiences wear and tear.  Perhaps an earlier collision with a powerful force cracked your rear view.  Your memory of the past was altered, or split and deformed when attempting to heal.

Where do you look, outside of yourself, when you need guidance while travelling? 


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